Green means go local

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TO most, Green Lantern is Spiderman’s arch-nemesis. Here in Japan a green lantern is the symbol of a new food movement where restaurants use local products.

While glowing red lanterns in Japan signify food and drink, J-Sekka in Hirafu is the only restaurant in Niseko that’s part of the pioneering Green Lantern Slow Food Movement.

There are about 2100 participating restaurants in Japan and in Hokkaido about 100.

Head chefs Katherine Bont and Kim Wejendorp (pictured)were awarded a prestigious four-out-of-five-star rating, meaning they use 80 per cent local ingredients in their restaurant, deli and bar.

“Travellers to Hokkaido want to eat foods native to the area, not from back home,” Kat says.

Kim adds: “The seafood from half-hour an hour away is the best in the world, as is the dairy, cattle and much more. Why would you buy from the other side of the world when the very best is right on your doorstep?”

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