Going green to stay in the game

By 21st March 2009 August 27th, 2013 Uncategorized

GREEN building methods are a focus for many of the those involved in Niseko’s recent architecture.

From the use of local materials to eco-energy sources, builders and designers in Niseko are answering this call.

The Forest development, designed by architect Riccardo Tossani, was built with a focus on a large amount of supplies resourced from local avenues.

“Natural materials are used extensively inside and out,” Tossani said. “The floors and internal and external walls all use Hokkaido Sugi cedar. Consideration was given to everything down to the landscaping materials of native trees and grasses.”

Matt Jones from Niseko RDC said is company was working on implementing multiple eco-friendly energy techniques on the new 260 Degrees project.

“The house is completely eco-powered and heated,” he said. The heat and energy required come from renewable resources, such as 52 solar panels on the roof and 20 geothermal bore holes.”

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