Getting cuddly with police officers

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The police officers at Hirafu’s temporary police box celebrated “110” with Niseko’s woodpecker mascots Nicky and Anniky and Makkari’s lily mascot Yurine-san. January 10 stands for the police phone number 110 and that’s when all the officers get a free hug from the fluffy mascots.

The policemen operate out of the Safety Information Centre next to Seicomart and have been busy telling people not to ski down the streets. Hirafu’s roads can be very icy, making it difficult for drivers to control their cars. If you ski or snowboard down the streets, a driver might not be able to spot you and break in time.

Other than that the officers would like to remind you not to drink and drive or allow drivers to drink! To be more specific, here are the rules:

1. If you drink, don’t drive. If you drink, you have to use a taxi or chauffeur services.

2. Don’t allow drivers to drink and do not serve alcohol to drivers.

3. Don’t get in the car when the driver has been drinking.

If there is a problem, call 110 or drop by the Safety Information Centre.

And the last rule:

Do not give the officers a hug. At work they only want to be hugged by cuddly mascots on January 10.

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