Flow Team Bindings

By 21st February 2009 August 27th, 2013 Uncategorized

IF you’re a keen backcountry rider you’ll be aware that trips out the gates and treks out the back often require a fair share of clicking in and out of your bindings. If you’re still riding the two-strap system, chances are you’re holding everybody up. Do you want to be ‘that guy’? If not, you’ll be wanting to invest in either a K2 Cinch, Shimano Accublade or the perennial favourite – Flows. If you’ve decided to go for Flows, then why not plump for the best – the ‘Team’, as ridden by my favourite rider, Anti Autti. Critics of Flow reckon that they are not tight enough, but this model allows you to easily click an extra couple of notches if you feel you need it. Available from Good Sports for ¥73,000.

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