Enjoy the sunshine!

By 3rd January 2019 April 3rd, 2019 Niseko Snow Report

10 cm of fresh snow has accumulated in Niseko in the 12 hours to 7am.


Conditions at Hirafu midway station (820m)
Snowfall estimated: 15 cm
Temperature:  -10 °C
Wind:  NW 8.6 m/s

Conditions observed in Niseko Town (139m)
Snowfall observed: 10 cm
  -4 °C
Wind: NW 2 m/s

It’s a beautiful morning, I can see beautiful mountains under the blue sky this morning. I went to Kiroro yesterday.  I think Niseko’s got more snow but weather was nicer there. Kiroro is based on higher mountain, so it’s colder and snow is lighter. Ticket center was crowded however once we got outside, much less people than Niseko as Kiroro has many lifts from the base, people are nicely separated. I enjoyed super light powder in off-piste area.

It might be a good day for hiking. I might go to Grand Hirafu and hike to the peak if the top gate is opened. I only go to the peak when the visibility is good, if I can’t see anything, I can’t enjoy riding. I will bring my camera today to take picture of Mt. Yotei. When I see Yotei, I feel lucky as she always hiding in the clouds in January.

Enjoy the sunshine for a while, snow starts falling again from Saturday.

– Maiko :)

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