Emi Pottery Souvenirs

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Although Emi Hirano is from Kyoto, Japan’s cultural capital, she spends every winter in Niseko. Her family has a successful pottery business near one of Kyoto’s most famous temples, Kiyomizudera. But after coming to Niseko to ski 15 years ago she was hooked. She made friends and now it’s her second home. Visitors to Niseko are lucky Emi has brought her talents with her. She makes wonderful pieces of unique Japanese pottery – jewellery, plates, mugs, green tea cups, dolls, ornaments and much more – which she sells at various shops throughout the village including Cocoroya, B’s Cafe, Omoshiro Box, NAC and the Kogen Hotel. But she actually prefers to meet people face to face and show them her wares. Her greatest joy comes from seeing people’s reactions to her work. She often sets up exhibitions at different venues across town but is also happy to bring her work to people’s apartment and show it to them there. If you want a truly beautiful and unique gift, keep an eye out for Emi’s exhibition flyers or give her a call and arrange an appointment on 080 1428 2896.

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