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AS the sun rises on another winter in Niseko, welcome back and thanks for tuning in for another season of Powderlife!

Following what was a pretty tough winter for Niseko in 08/09 with the world economy and some pretty crazy currency fluctuations, Niseko is back – bigger and better than ever this season. Niseko accommodation bookings are way up, there is a bunch of new high profile developments and businesses in town, and a surprising number of exciting new bars and restaurants. Niseko has bounced back in a big way, and it’s shaping up to be another exciting season in Hokkaido.

While the resort opened on time this year and we had some really big early snowfalls, at the time we put this magazine to print at the start of December we’d barely had a flake in 10 days. The handful of tourists who arrived at the end of November had to make do with just a few top runs. While it was a bit frustrating seeing that freshly waxed and tuned board waiting ready in the racks for days upon days of deep powder, one of the great things about Niseko is no matter how slowly the season starts, you just know it’s going to get good.

We’re looking forward to getting all your pics, story ideas and suggestions for the mag, so contact us anytime. On behalf of the team at Powderlife, we’re glad to be exploring another season in Niseko with you. Have a great one on the mountain and off!

Kristian Lund, Powderlife Managing Editor kris@powderlife.com

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