Ebisu Chalets: Western luxury, Eastern style

By 20th February 2010 June 28th, 2014 Property

THE fusion of western luxury and size, Japanese charm and alpine architecture marks the completion of developer Zekkei Properties’ second Niseko project, Ebisu Chalets.

Comprised of two high-end, stand-alone houses in Hirafu’s Lower Village – ‘Tsubaki’ and the already sold ‘Miyabi’ – Ebisu Chalets is an ambitious follow-up to Zekkei Properties’ maiden development two years earlier.

The Ebisu Chalets are virtually a mirror image of each other, but share identical hallmarks of prestige, balanced by the same oriental finishings that lend the western-style chalets their distinctly Japanese flavour.

“Niseko is a very much an international town,” said Zekkei Properties’ partner Randall Hall. “Our developments blend local tradition with international comfort.”

Ebisu Chalets boasts grand vaulted timber ceilings, over-sized living areas, four spacious en-suite bedrooms, and high-end western appliances and comforts.

These western qualities are contrasted by an oriental water feature entry, ancient wall rendering techniques, a hinoki wood spa, traditional shoji doors, and the exemplary design and craftsmanship typical of the Japanese.

Keith Rodgers from Taiga Projects project-managed Ebisu Chalets, and contributed to the overall design of the project.

He said the chalets ‘pulled off a rare fusion of Western and Japanese elements married to alpine architecture’.

“Coming on holiday in Niseko, people are hungry to feel that they are in Japan and on a ski holiday,” he said. “Ebisu Chalets achieves alpine architecture that is warm, luxurious, and distinctively Japanese.”

Zekkei Properties moved into Niseko soon after business partners Randall Hall and Andrew Moore heard about the resort’s world-famous powder snow.

Not ones to waste any time, the Hong Kong and Shanghai-based developers snapped up some property within 24 hours of arriving in Niseko – land on which they built ‘Zekkei’.

Australian Hall and Moore, from the United Kingdom, set the bar high with their first self-titled development. It’s a hard act to follow – an enormous six-bedroom luxury chalet perched spectacularly on the edge of a picturesque bluff in Hirafu’s Lower Village.

Zekkei Properties’ is focussed on the potential of Asia, with developments in Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai. “In Asia, people are getting wealthier and their requirements will mirror the United States and Europe on lifestyle – beaches and mountains,” Randall said.

Randall said building houses was ‘always an evolution of learning’ – adding that to maintain Zekkei’s quality of housing, they were only able to design and build one or two residences a year.

Zekkei Properties has further plans for Niseko, Randall said. “We can’t think of a better playground in Asia than Niseko,” he said. “We are very bullish that Niseko will become the Aspen of the East.”

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