Niseko Snow Report // December 31, 2009

By 31st December 2009 June 28th, 2014 Niseko Snow Report

The expected storms of last night must have got lost on the way. All we got was 15cms of heavy snow down low, though more & lighter the higher you go.

Strong winds and heavy snow are still forecast for the next few days, Saturday morning looks good on the front of the mountain. Lift movements could be disrupted so be aware of that as you move across the mountain – getting back may become difficult if a particular lift shuts down.

With all these storms around avalanche danger is high so only the Moiwa Gate (No. 6) will be open at all today. More details can be found here.

Get into the fresh nice and early, then go and rest up for a big one tonight! Enjoy yourself, but look after your mates. Don’t let them go wandering around outside half-cut in the middle of a snow storm…

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