Cinema in August! :ちいさな哲学者たち

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Sunday Monday Cinema @ Pelican Burger, Kutchan

We are very happy to announce that we will be screening ‘Ce n’est qu’un debut’, a French movie with Japanese subtitles at Sunday Monday Cinema in August!

The movie is a documentary about a program at an Elementary school in France which takes on an ambitious program to try and talk to the children about philosophy. They ask the children questions about love, death, god, and life in general to encourage the children to think for themselves. The teacher doesn’t ‘lead’ the children into giving correct answers, but instead listens to what they have to say and then question their statements.

Although the movie is in French, it is subtitled in Japanese!

Aug. 7 (Sunday)
Aug. 8 (Monday)
Aug. 21 (Sunday)

OPEN: 19:00
START 19:30

**映画を見るには予約が必要です!! Reservations Recommended **


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