Charlie’s Orange Brulee

By 28th February 2011 August 27th, 2013 Uncategorized

TAMASHII Bar’s Charlie Harrison won a $2,000 cocktail competition with this original creation of his.

The drink features coconut infused rum, white chocolate liqueur, Aperol, orange juice, orange foam and palm sugar, which is then set ablaze, which caramelises the foam into a sugary delicacy that you can eat with a spoon. As you might expect from a drink infused with coconut, it has a very tropical and refreshing taste that even gruff men can enjoy.

During the shoot, a group of Norwegian men laughed at it, then praised how delicious it was. As a special treat to Powderlife readers, Charlie is offering this drink for ¥1,200 (a ¥200 discount) if you mention you saw it in Powderlife.

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