Celebs and public party at premiere

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SNOW film celebs and locals turned out in droves last Saturday night for the premiere of two international snow films showcasing Niseko to the world – Car Danchi 4 Rent and Signatures.

Held at the Hilton, in the hotel’s Hokkaido Ballroom, the party kicked off early in the evening with drinking, mingling, chatting, an inflatable jumping castle and frisbee and tennis ball throwing.

Then came the introductions, as the celebrity cast and crew from both films took the stage to welcome everybody and introduce their respective films.

First on the big screen was Neil Hartman’s latest Car Danchi 4 Rent, which filmed the boys all over Hokkaido last season at their car-sleeping, cheap-eating and (most importantly) Gentemstick-and-powder-shredding best. These super-skilled local riders make it look all so simple with their fluid, natural style.

Sweetgrass’ new production Signatures followed, showing off a chilled out folk soundtrack, arty filming and some of the most impressive skiing, boarding and cinematography seen of the Niseko area.

After the films spooled out, the party moved downstairs for the opening of the Hilton’s uber-modern, plush Ezo Pub.

Bartenders made sure cocktails, shots, beers and bombs flowed all night as powder, film and party lovers danced and chatted the night away to DJs Neil Hartman and Chris Holmes, and a host of other wannabe turntablers.

For others, it was karaoke in one of the Ezo Pub’s private karaoke booths.

All in all, there was something for everyone – from local Japanese to young families, seasonal party-goers and everyone in between.

The only downside to the night was envoiusly watching all that deep pow captured on film, and not having any of our own to shred this season. Yet!

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