Burton No Fish

By 21st February 2009 August 27th, 2013 Uncategorized

WE all know that Niseko is the place to be if you’re a snow surfer. No Boards eschew bindings to bring snowboarding right back to its surfing roots. The No Board can transform any snowboarder into a snow surfer, but the Burton No Fish is the first to be sold as a bindingless board from the factory. The narrow tail, set-back stance and wide nose of the Fish lends itself perfectly to No Board philosophy. Indeed, the Fish-style surfboard was the initial inspiration behind the Burton Fish design that has proved so popular with powder lovers. The No Fish is a natural progression. If you’re the kind of rider who is happy to forego quantity of turns for quality (and you should be) pack a No Fish onto your backpack, hike up a hill in the middle of nowhere and jump on your No Fish for 10 of the best turns of your life. Then do it again. Available from Burton in Japan for ¥78,750.

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