Boutique cottages planned for Izumikyo 2

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IZUMIKYO Company has announced plans to develop the main section of their Izumikyo 2 subdivision into a boutique cottage village.

On track to open its doors by December 2010, the currently unnamed resort will include five to seven cottages and hotel suites or studio rooms, housing a total of 30 beds.

There will be a communal lounge and relaxation library, a management office and a restaurant. The development will be surrounded by landscaped gardens with heated pathways linking the cottages.

Izumikyo Company client advisor Chris Lane said he hoped to better tie Izumikyo 2 to Hirafu Village, while also providing a new commercial hub for Izumikyo.

“Right now there is a bit of a dead space between Hirafu and Izumikyo 2 ,” he said. “This resort will fill in that dark void and make it a pleasant walk between the two areas.”

Lane said the development would ‘take a step beyond trademark rustic cottages, reintroducing the true meaning of modern Japanese mountain architecture’.

“Our cottages are popular year-round,” he said. “We have found the need to expand and create a high-end resort where guests can stroll along the heated pathways to get to their private cottages scattered along the banks of the Oshoro Stream.

“We want it to be a walking resort, where clients check-in and leave their cars behind in the community parking lot, and meander down these landscaped garden paths to get to their cottages.”

The village is planned to be built in two phases over the next two years. Izumikyo Company plans to retain the asset and not sell any of the project at this stage.

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