Bluebird days in Niseko

By 20th January 2012 August 27th, 2013 Uncategorized

After weeks of getting hammered with snowstorm after snowstorm, Niseko finally has been graced with two crystal clear bluebird days.

The fair weather started on Tuesday, January 18 with calm winds and partly cloudy skies. The peak gates were opened, and there was a stampede of people racing to the top for first tracks.

Yesterday was one of the most beautiful days Niseko has seen so far this season: The snow was soft, the snow depth at the peak 350cm, and it was warm enough for people to take off their jackets and balaclavas to work on their tans.

The clear skies overnight prompted temperatures to plummet to near -20℃, and it was a brisk -15℃ in the village this morning at 8am. But today is another bluebird day, and temperatures are warming up fast with the rising sun.

Better get outside and soak in the sunshine while it's here, because it’s forecast to cloud over this evening, and the snow is predicted to start falling again tomorrow. Another storm is set to roll in early next week bringing with it temperatures around -10℃ in the village, -15℃ at mid-mountain, and strong windchills well below -20℃.

Heavy snowfall is also forecasted to come with next week’s storm, so make sure to go outside and soak in your dose of Vitamin D today, because the epic Niseko powder snow will be back.

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