Black Diamond Carbon Fibre Stocks

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WHAT is it about the words ‘carbon fibre’ that grabs a gear freak’s attention like my dog Yuki’s when I grab his dinner bowl? One of the best strength-to-weight ratios of any material, that’s what. From aeroplane and helicopter components to bicycle frames, and now backcountry ski poles, when you want something ultra-light and super-strong, you want it to be made of carbon fibre. Black Diamond Carbon Fiber FlickLock Ski Poles are the strongest and lightest poles around. A carbon-fibre lower shaft and aluminum upper are secured together by BD’s patented FlickLock, a device that opens and closes with the flick of your thumb – streets ahead of the screw-style system of the competitors. BD have smashed Scott out of the ski pole ballpark in recent years, thanks in large part to the user-friendly FlickLock that makes these some of the easiest poles to adjust, which you’ll appreciate in the backcountry. Another nifty feature is dual-density grips with a slight corrective angle to maximise your control on steep descents. You’ll love the asymmetrical powder baskets, which are perfect for planting on the powder and giving you something to leverage off. Available from NAC ¥15,375 Tel: 0136 23 2093

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