Black Diamond Ascension Skins

By 24th January 2009 August 27th, 2013 Uncategorized

THE Ascension skins have long been the gold standard in climbing skins. The new orange model (updated from the previous purple) now has a reversible tip-loop system, so they will fit on an even wider variety of tips. The tried and true ClipFix tail attachment remains the fastest and most secure on the market. Long-term backcountry skiers may have moved away from the Ascensions to try the latest things, but they always come back to these bad boys. The ClipFix system does not work for certain tails that are extremely rounded off or turned up, so be sure to check if it’s right for your rig. If you’re aiming for a sub four-hour Yotei ascent, clip these on and start the clock. As used by local legend Yutaka Takanashi. Available from Toyru. 0136-21-4055 . 60mm–130mm waist. ¥15,750- ¥24,675.

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