Be Enchanted

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IF you want to lose yourself in an enchanted forest all you need to do is head to Milk Kobo in Niseko Village. Tucked away just behind the Kobo building are two souvenir shops called Niseko no Mori (Niseko’s forest) and Niseko no Kaze (Niseko’s wind), which locals like to call “The Enchanted Forest”.

Niseko no Mori sells hundreds of adorable miniature souvenirs made from wood, clay, and paper, and in Niseko no Kaze you can marvel at the miniature glass figurines and jewellery made in-store. You can also learn how to make your very own glass marbles, jewellery boxes, candleholders, and more. Keiko and Ikue are there to give you one-on-one training in the art of glass sculpting.

Prices for lessons range between ¥815 to ¥2100, and are available all day between 9.30am-6pm. 

From Hirafu Village take the Niseko United bus towards Annupuri, and get off at the Milk Kobo stop.
Tel: 0136 44 1766. Limited English spoken.

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