Backcountry safety call

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The Niseko United Ski Patrol is concerned about the number of people going out through the gates into the unpatrolled backcountry.

They say they would like to see about half as many people venturing outside the resort boundaries.

The Ski Patrol has asked Adam Streete, director of Shinsetsu Mountain Guides and former Australian ski patroller, to visit local companies and pass on their concerns.

“Ski accidents are a number game and with the numbers going outside the Niseko boundary gates exploding, it’s only a matter of time before things go wrong and this is a great concern for the ski patrol,” he said.

“I’m out there everyday and am amazed at what people are doing. They don’t realise that if something does happen outside resort boundaries they aren’t covered by travel insurance and it can take ski patrol up to three hours to get you back.”

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