Another 10 cm fresh powder on top!

By 14th February 2019 February 15th, 2019 Niseko Snow Report

10 cm of fresh snow has accumulated in Niseko in the 12 hours to 7am.


Conditions at Hirafu midway station (820m)
Snowfall estimated: 15 cm
Temperature:  -13 °C
Wind:  WNW 10 m/s

Conditions observed in Niseko Town (139m)
Snowfall observed: 10 cm
  -8 °C
Wind: WNW 3 m/s

It was dumping last night and we got another 10 cm of new snow this morning. I went to Moiwa with friends yesterday. Fresh snow was everywhere , even on groomers! Also sun came out at 10 am for 30 min, we enjoyed unlimited powder with some sunshine.

And another powder day just began. I will go to Annupuri as I haven’t been there for long time. I like riding from gate 1 and 2, called “O sawa”. I hope the visibility is good enough.

Today is Valentine’s day. In Japan, it is only the women who give gifts to men on Valentine’s day. There are 2 kinds of Chocolates. One is “HONMEI Choco” and the other is “Giri Choko”. ”Homei choco” is for their boyfriend or husband or someone they are attracted to. ”Giri Choco” is for friends and co-workers. You can see and buy many kinds of chocolate at store today. This custom comes from some chocolate company having spread this to increase their sales.

It seems like snow will stop falling for a while. I should ready for the touring season soon.

– Maiko :)

24-hour snowfall recorded by

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