Niseko Snow Report // 21 December, 2009

By 21st December 2009 June 28th, 2014 Niseko Snow Report

Another decent snowfall last night with over 50cms in the last 24 hours, though much of it yesterday before the lifts closed. It’s dumping again, and the blue skies of earlier this morning have disappearred. Still there’s loads fresh to be had so go grab yourself a few!

Snow is expected to continue through to the week, and the light winds shouldn’t cause any concern, though temps will start to climb in a few days. 

The back country gates are still closed and they’re closed for a reason. If the idea of having your ticket pulled by patrol doesn’t stop you, the thought of having your ticket punched by the the big patroller upstairs should…

Maybe while you’re waiting for them to open take the time to do an Avvy course or at least attend one of the Backcountry Info seminars. It’s a cliche but: the life you save may be your own.

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