Niseko Snow Report // December 06 // 2010

By 6th December 2010 June 28th, 2014 Niseko Snow Report

No new snow overnight, but this evening temps should drop and with luck (and we need some!) there should be a fall tonight that continues for most of the week.

If it brings snow I'm ready to pray, dance, sacrifice a chicken right now! (In fact I did sacrifice a chicken, but it was marinated, skewered & BBQ'd so I'm not sure it counts! Best do it again to be sure!)

While the snow has been slow in coming, at least there's more and more to do every day with new shops and restaurants popping up like mushrooms after the summer rain! It seems every day there's a new shop to check out and every night a new restaurant or bar. And the lack of snow means there's still a bunch of outdoor activities available that you normally can't do at this time of year. Throw an onsen in between them and you're set! With a side trip to Sapporo every now and then means you can certainly find some fun even if it's not on snow.

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