100 year storm hammers Hokkaido

By 1st March 2008 August 27th, 2013 Uncategorized

Not exactly, but the way it was being talked up beforehand it sounded like it was about to. They were calling it from a week off: “The dump of the season’s coming Tuesday,” the would-be meteorologists were declaring confidently. As keen watchers of the forecasts, the Powderlife team was optimistic but sceptical. The Tuesday in question came and while it was the first decent snow for almost a week, winds were typhoon-strength and most of the mountain was closed. It remained that way for the next few days but by Thursday evening the winds dropped just enough to open some key lifts and gondolas, and those who were onto it scored a classic Niseko ‘nighter’ session under lights. The next day the rest of Mt Annupuri was untouched and primed for perhaps the deepest and best powder riding of the season.

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