Niseko Restaurants

Niseko has a world class dining scene with restaurants to suit all budgets and tastes. Fantastic quality and service is standard whether you pay ¥500 or ¥5,000. We specialise in bringing you all the Niseko restaurant and dining information. Itadakimasu!

  • niseko-abucha-2-01

    A-Bu-Cha 2

    Upper Hirafu Village – Japanese Restaurant

    A-Bu-Cha 2 serves popular modern Japanese dishes and hotpots filled with local Hokkaido ingredients.

  • aji-no-takedai-ramen

    Aji no Tokeidai

    Kutchan Town – Japanese Restaurant

    Hokkaido is famous for its amazing Chinese-influenced Ramen noodles. Aji no Tokeidai is one of the best local Ramen restaurants.

  • niseko-restaurants-asahikawa-ramen-tozanken

    Asahikawa Ramen Tozanken

    Upper Hirafu Village – Ramen noodle restaurant

    Serving delicious hearty ramen noodles and other staple Japanese dishes in the centre of Hirafu.

  • niseko-bang-bang-01

    Bang Bang

    Upper Hirafu Village – Japanese Restaurant

    A menu packed with top quality Hokkaido produce, grilled ribs, kebabs, salmon and Akkeshi Kakiemon oysters.

  • niseko-barunba-01

    Bar Barunba

    Middle Hirafu Village – Indonesian Themed Bar

    A wide range of ethnic food and drinks and a tropical atmosphere await you.

  • niseko-black-diamond-lodge-restaurant-01

    Black Diamond Lodge

    Niseko Village – Japanese Cafe Bar

    Try Hokkaido soup curry, the best of the West or an authentic Japanese home-cooked meal.

  • niseko-ezo-pub-01

    Ezo Pub

    Niseko Village (Higashiyama) – Japanese Restaurant

    Keep an eye out for regular DJ acts from Japan and all over the world.

  • niseko-flame-bar-lounge-01

    Flame Bar & Lounge

    Niseko Village (Higashiyama) – Japanese Restaurant

    The sensational hanging fire place is the talking point of the Flame Bar and Lounge.

  • niseko-fuji-sushi-01

    Fuji Sushi

    Middle Village – Japanese Restaurant

    Fuji Sushi is in the very centre of Hirafu, opposite the traffic lights

  • niseko-graubunden-01


    Izumikyo 2 – Western Café

    We offer a wide selection of sandwiches with fresh ingredients.

  • niseko-gyu-bar-01

    Gyu+ Bar


    Lower Village – Japanese Bar

    Listen to hand selected vinyl in a warm, cozy atmosphere with a beautiful forest view.

  • niseko-hanazono-308-01

    Hanazono 308

    Hanazono – Japanese Restaurant

    Value lunches, family fun and activities.