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Seven resorts in seven hours

You know you’re in the company of serious mountains not when they look big, but when you feel small. At 1850m just below the peak of Happo One (pronounced oh-nay), looking north to the towering, craggy, almost-3km-high peaks of Shiroumadake, Shakushidake and Hakuba Yarigatake, you’re standing among giants. It is spine-tingling, and not in a [...]

Hokkaido: powder snow Disneyland

ON its own, Niseko is an amazing place to go skiing. So much so that since it has been ‘discovered’ by the outside world in the past 10 years or so, it has gone from sleepy, locals’ ski hill to world-renowned international ski resort. The four interlinked resorts provide enough terrain to keep many locals from ever wanting to leave their own backyard.