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Seven resorts in seven hours

You know you’re in the company of serious mountains not when they look big, but when you feel small. At 1850m just below the peak of Happo One (pronounced oh-nay), looking north to the towering, craggy, almost-3km-high peaks of Shiroumadake, Shakushidake and Hakuba Yarigatake, you’re standing among giants. It is spine-tingling, and not in a [...]

Niseko Avalanche Update

This the third non scheduled Avalanche Information update. Please check it up from the following link. Also on the 25th April they recorded a U-stream broadcast relating to the large Avalanche that occurred in the Annupuri Back bowls a few days ago.

To all Skiers and Boarders in the area, please follow the cautionary messages that are issued, stay safe and enjoy Spring Skiing in Niseko.

Niseko Avalanche Information (Japanese and English)

U-Stream Broadcast (Relating to the large Avalanche that occurred in the Backbowls of Annupuri recently (Japanese Only)

Massive climax (full depth) avalanche occurred 19-20 Apr.

A massive climax (full depth) avalanche occurred in the Backbowl(Kohzan no sawa) on 19-20 Apr.

Dangers of a massive climax (ground) avalanche is getting to be rise in the Backbowl, Osawa SE facing 1000m area and Higashione area as the temperature rises in late April. The Niseko Annupuri Avalanche Prevention Committee, organized by the Niseko Avalanche Research Center, concerned ski resorts, and the towns of Niseko and Kutchan, does not recommend backcountry skiing and snowboarding, but honors your decision to do so and encourages you to take measures to ensure your own safety.

Please be aware of the avalanche danger when you ride in the backcountry and comply with Niseko Avalanche Info and Ski Patrol instructions.
Make sure to check out the Niseko Avalanche Info page before going skiing or snowboarding in Niseko.

NOASC Niseko Backcountry Avalanche Awareness Course (BAAC)

NOASC Niseko Backcountry Avalanche Awareness Course (BAAC)
We organized organise Backcountry Avalanche Awareness Course(BAAC) on 25th Feb.

Time: 7:30-18:00

Meeting place: NOASC Hirafu office(infront of Splash bar)
We also can come to your accommodation to pick you up.

This program is for beginner backcountry skier or snowboarder.
Maximum of 15 people attendents.

The price : 13,000 yen including insurance

What to bring
1)ski or snowboard
2)beacon(rental available with 1000 yen)
3)Snow shoe,backpack,poles(rental available with 1000 yen)
4)Pen and paper

How to oder:
Call NOASC to 0136-23-1688
or email to

NAC backcountry gear trial event, 26 February

NAC will hold a backcountry gear trial event on 26 February.

Staff from the NAC Outdoor Shop will demonstrate gear at the Beacon Park rescue training facility in Grand Hirafu. You will also be able to test out new snow shoes.

Note: There will be no English assistance during the event.

Date and time: 26 February ①9:00~12:00 ②12:30~15:30
What to wear: Ski or snowboard wear
What to bring: Skis or snowboard
Fee: 1,000yen (excl. lift pass fees)
Number of participants: Limited to 5 for each session

Please call NAC at 0136-23-2093 for more information.

BACKCOUNTRY// stay safe on the mountain

WITH the pure adrenaline rush of riding through deep untouched powder, it is easy to forget that this exhilarating experience in the backcountry can quickly turn into a nightmare if you are not prepared. Niseko has a liberal stance toward backcountry snowboarding and skiing, so you are the one who has to make responsible decisions. When venturing into unpatrolled areas, preparation is vital.


Powderlife has compiled some top tips to keep you safe on the mountain.
1. If the backcountry’s closed, it’s fora reason! Learn and obey the Niseko Rules. They include limiting access to the out-of-bound areas and restricting entry during hazardous conditions.

2. Read and understand weather and avalanche reports posted in Japanese and English at entries and exits to the backcountry.