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Buta no Yawatamaki

BUTA no Yawatamaki (pork roll with green beans, burdock, carrot and celery) is a modern healthy dish cooked in many Japanese homes.

It’s usually accompanied by rice, miso soup and sautéed vegetables as part of a Japanese dinner. When sliced into small pieces it also makes a great canapé for a dinner party. This is one of the 32 recipes in Niseko Gourmet’s new cook book, which participants in their Japanese cooking workshops receive free after the lesson.

Ingredients (serves four)

Five of the Best Soup Curries

JAPANESE soup curry is yet another specialty little known outside Hokkaido or Japan. Unlike many curries, the base of soup curry is thin, bringing out the flavours of the stock spices and complimenting the variety of ingredients.


Izakaya A-Bu-Cha

A-BU-CHA – the cute little cottage perched on the corner of Hirafu’s main intersection – is so good Niseko needed a second. Last season, they added A-Bu-Cha 2, located beneath the stylish Suiboku building, just up the street from the original.

A-Bu-Cha is one of Hirafu’s most popular izakayas (an izakaya being a casual but traditional Japanese tapas-style restaurant), and every dish is a traditional Japanese delight – from tofu salad to sun-dried squid tempura, hokke (Atka mackeral) to a range of hot pots.

The drink selection is the first thing that requires tackling. The original A-Bu-Cha boasts an impressive 250 offerings, while A-Bu-Cha 2 has an astounding 400. A plate of plump and juicy edamame (soy beans) to accompany our drinks is first on the cards.

Bang Bang’s boiled daikon radish

AFTER hounding Bang Bang’s super-busy master chef Masanobu Saito for weeks, he finally found time to pen one of his famous recipes for us. Saito-san tells us he cooks this boiled daikon radish dish on a cold winter’s night. Thanks for your time Saito-san!

1 daikon radish
4 pieces of konbu dried kelp
Seaweed (5cm x 15cm)
A few dried surf clams or scallops
50 ml mirin sauce
50 ml sake
100 ml soy sauce
1 tsp of yuzu kosho (spicy Japanese sauce)