Moiwa Ski Resort

Prepare for powder pillow heaven

It’s been a crazy week my friends in snow, and much to my embarrassment I almost forgot to tell you about my incredible day trip to Moiwa! For those of you who haven’t yet visited this magical land of fluffy snow pillows and easily accessible backcountry, I highly recommend you jump on the free bus [...]

Niseko Powder

No friends on a powder day, huh?

For all you powder hounds out there who have been heard to say ‘there’s no friends on a powder day’ in these last few weeks of incredible snowfall, I have a few questions: Who’s going laugh and shout with you when you get to the bottom of your first glorious run, covered in fluffy white [...]

Our lovely lady’s lunch at L’ocanda

My friends and I headed to L’ocanda for a rare girls’ lunch; an occurrence that doesn’t happen often in snowboard-dude studded Hirafu, not that we are complaining! It was a great venue for our rendezvous, with its welcoming fireplace, warm wooden interior, and tantalising display of desserts. Located just out of Hirafu town on the [...]

Strawberry Fields Hanazono

Strawberry Fields forever

John Lennon may have been singing about a garden he played in as a child, but I would like to write an ode to the wonderland I got to caper in this morning. You may have noticed the fubuki, or snowstorm, that raged through Niseko last night, shaking power lines, making houses groan against the [...]