Dumping snow in Hirafu Niseko

Told you snow

For those among you who were worried that the powder capital of the world had lost its mojo, I hope today convinced you otherwise. I took these pictures this morning when there was only a fresh 15cm on the ground, and it continued to dump all day. The snow falls so thickly, silently, and steadily […]

Bluebird day in Niseko

HEL-lo sunshine!

Niseko is famous for its incredible snowfall, but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate a glorious sunny day! When we woke this morning to a clear blue sky we all scurried to get up the hill, because sunshine is a rare occurrence in Niseko and it is even more unusual for it to hang around […]

Rhythm got its Beats

It was lovely to wake up to fresh snow on the ground this morning, especially after a little bout of unseasonal rain yesterday! While waiting for the slopes to return to their usual snowy splendour, I decided to check out Beats, a new shop on the Hirafu Intersection, right next to Green Farm Café. An […]