Niseko Powder

No friends on a powder day, huh?

For all you powder hounds out there who have been heard to say ‘there’s no friends on a powder day’ in these last few weeks of incredible snowfall, I have a few questions: Who’s going laugh and shout with you when you get to the bottom of your first glorious run, covered in fluffy white [...]

Our lovely lady’s lunch at L’ocanda

My friends and I headed to L’ocanda for a rare girls’ lunch; an occurrence that doesn’t happen often in snowboard-dude studded Hirafu, not that we are complaining! It was a great venue for our rendezvous, with its welcoming fireplace, warm wooden interior, and tantalising display of desserts. Located just out of Hirafu town on the [...]

Strawberry Fields Hanazono

Strawberry Fields forever

John Lennon may have been singing about a garden he played in as a child, but I would like to write an ode to the wonderland I got to caper in this morning. You may have noticed the fubuki, or snowstorm, that raged through Niseko last night, shaking power lines, making houses groan against the [...]