Santa at The Vale Niseko

Christmas Eve spectacular at The Vale Niseko

I hope everyone enjoyed a merry Christmas yesterday! Sorry for the silence, but I was getting very festive in the true spirit of the holiday season. Santa was a busy man on Christmas Eve, visiting at least three different locations in Hirafu that I know of. I made my way down to The Vale Niseko, [...]

Dumping snow in Hirafu Niseko

Told you snow

For those among you who were worried that the powder capital of the world had lost its mojo, I hope today convinced you otherwise. I took these pictures this morning when there was only a fresh 15cm on the ground, and it continued to dump all day. The snow falls so thickly, silently, and steadily [...]

Lovely staff members Misae and Ryutaro

Breakfast is the bomb at B.C.C. White Rock

I am all about embracing culture and I love the Japanese, but sometimes I just can’t stomach raw fish for breakfast. Give me juicy salmon roe and Hokkaido-famous sashimi at any other time of the day, but the effects of my Western upbringing have lingered long enough that I still can’t look raw squid in [...]

Bluebird day in Niseko

HEL-lo sunshine!

Niseko is famous for its incredible snowfall, but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate a glorious sunny day! When we woke this morning to a clear blue sky we all scurried to get up the hill, because sunshine is a rare occurrence in Niseko and it is even more unusual for it to hang around [...]

Tsubara Tsubara, a true taste of Hokkaido

If you’re feeling a little frosty after a day on the slopes, Tsubara Tsubara is the perfect place to warm up. In fact, if you venture too far along on the chilli scale, you may well find yourself overheating. Japanese soup curry is a specialty of Hokkaido, perhaps because of the cooler climate or maybe [...]